Flags are a dynamic advertising product that catch the eye in every outdoor event.

Custom Flags

If you wish to enhance and strengthen your image, flags are the solution to your needs.

Custom flags are our specialty. For more than 15 years we have been working with the world’s leading companies supplying them with flags, whether printed or appliquéd, with their corporate logos or custom-made designs for special events.

We custom craft our flags to your requirements on a wide selection of fabrics and production techniques. This means we manufacture each flag the way you want it to be, in the quantity you desire. Standard sizes, car window flags, boat flags, huge flags, you name it, we provide it! Life-like designs, photographs, halftones or spot colors are equally and skillfully portrayed in our flags.

We know that the public image of your company or organization is represented by the flags we are producing, that is why at Smart Flags we take an in-depth, detail-oriented approach to our business, manufacturing our flags with the best quality materials and finishing them with extra care.